Ben Clark


Ben has been with the agency for ten years, he is an agent and actively building his list.

Ben loves smart non-fiction of all kinds whether narrative, prescriptive or illustrated. Whether that is history, philosophy, memoir, technology, science, business, nature writing, or anything that explores the world we live in. He works extensively with brands, television producers and magazines in developing their IP for publication. He has a soft spot for fantasy and science fiction that transports you out of the everyday, something he feels we all need a bit more of. He is drawn to the strange and unusual, stories from the fringes that need to be seen by the mainstream or different perspectives on established narratives that challenge a status quo.

In particular he is on the lookout for academics who have a story to tell to a wide audience, experts who can help us understand what is going on in the world and people who can distil something fundamental about the human experience into the written word. On the fiction side he’s currently looking for tightly plotted thrillers, crime series and science fiction and fantasy with expert world building that reflects back something about the real world. Also anything that blurs the boundaries between genres.

When not at his desk you can find him on his allotment planting sunflowers with his daughter, or off running and walking somewhere remote.

Ben Clark