Chris George

NHS General Practitioner And Lifestyle Blogger
Agent: Carina Rizvi

Dr Chris George is a practicing GP and director at the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine. He is part of an exciting group of medical professionals working to promote an evidence- based approach to wellness. Health and fitness should be simple and accessible to all, a message that Dr Chris wants to bring to the public.

His blog and Instagram feed offer an array of bitesize lifestyle tips that have earned him a loyal following. He was recently featured in the Evening Standard as an expert to follow for an anti-BS approach to wellness and given the enviable title of ‘one of the smiliest doctors on Instagram’.

2019 was full of new adventures for Dr Chris and in April he travelled to Paris to gain his CrossFit MD Level 1 certificate. He also hosted an expert panel discussion for the popular clothing brand Lulu Lemon on ‘the science behind wellness’, as well as starring as the on-screen doctor for Austria's Next Top Model.  

Dr Chris is bilingual and very comfortable speaking and presenting in German.

Dr Chris's TikTok can be found here.

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